Halogens and metals speciation in bio-oils



Joint research unit UPPA/CNRS - Institute of analytical sciences and physical chemistry for the environment and materials (IPREM)



Ryan Rodgers (Leader) : ryan.rodgers @ univ-pau.fr

Brice Bouyssiere (Coordinator in situ) : brice.bouyssiere @ univ-pau.fr

Pierre Giusti (Coordinator Total) : pierre.giusti @ total.com

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Leader: Ryan RODGERS
Coordinator in situ: Brice Bouyssiere

  • 2 Permanent employees
  • 2 PhD
  • 5 Post doctorate

Key dates

  • Chair kick-off: mai 2019
  • Duration: 5 ans

Financial contribution / year

Halogens and metals speciation in bio-oils

The iCMCE² chair develops analytical methodologies for the analysis of halogens and metals in new generation bio-oils (pyrolysis, algae).

Bio-oils obtained from the most recent pyrolysis process or algae hydrothermal liquefaction process represent an analytical challenge by far more important than those associated to heavy cuts obtained from conventional oils. Moreover, these molecules are found along large ranges of polarity, volatility and size depending on the samples which makes it difficult to use a single analytical technique. Our knowledge of these highly complex matrices remains very partial and is a true drag on the development of eco-efficient production and treatment processes for bio-oils.

On this basis, we work on the extension of the available chromatographic separations range to be hyphenated to elementary analysis for the exhaustive characterization and the quantification of the species contained in these new generation bio-oils.

Dates: project started in 2021



Team members

  • Ryan P. Rodgers (iCMCE² Chair Leader)
  • Brice Bouyssiere (Professor at UPPA – UPPA/iCMCE² Coordinator)
  • Pierre Giusti (CNRS Research Director – Manager of the molecular identification and separation laboratory at TRTG, Total - Total/iCMCE² Coordinator)
  • Julie Guillemant (iCMCE² Postdoctoral researcher)


In collaboration with

  • Wladimir Ruiz (UPPA/Total PhD student)
  • Caroline Mangote (LC laboratory manager - TRTG, Total)
  • Jasmine Hertzog (Postdoctoral researcher, Rouen University/Total)



  • IPREM, UMR 5254, Pau, France
  • Total RC, TRTG, Gonfreville, France