Advanced characterization of petroleum products



Joint research unit UPPA/CNRS - Institute of analytical sciences and physical chemistry for the environment and materials (IPREM)



Ryan Rodgers (Leader) : ryan.rodgers @

Brice Bouyssiere (Coordinator in situ) : brice.bouyssiere @

Pierre Giusti (Coordinator Total) : pierre.giusti @

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Leader: Ryan RODGERS
Coordinator in situ: Brice Bouyssiere

  • 2 Permanent employees
  • 2 PhD
  • 5 Post doctorate

Key dates

  • Chair kick-off: mai 2019
  • Duration: 5 ans

Financial contribution / year

Advanced characterization of petroleum products

The iCMCE² chair works towards the implementation of analytical and modeling approaches to characterize the petroleum matrix and link its composition to its behavior in refineries.

Heavy petroleum cuts are very complex matrices which contain structures such as asphaltenes whose composition and reactivity negatively impact the different processes used in refineries. Thus, their advanced characterization and the modeling of their behavior along the different refinery processes is a critical challenge. Moreover, the maximization of the oil production yield through the Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) processes is also of big interest for the refiners.

Then, the chair is working on the development of samples prefractionation methods, elementary analysis methodologies and modeling approaches for the characterization of these heavy cuts.

Dates: project started in 2019.


Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV)


Team members

  • Ryan P. Rodgers (iCMCE² Chair Leader)
  • Brice Bouyssiere (Professor at UPPA – UPPA/iCMCE² Coordinator)
  • Pierre Giusti (CNRS Research Director – Manager of the molecular identification and separation laboratory at TRTG, Total - Total/iCMCE² Coordinator)
  • German Gascon (iCMCE²/UCV Postdoctoral researcher)
  • Nathaniel Terra-Telles-Souza (iCMCE² PhD student)

In collaboration with

  • Caroline Mangote (LC Laboratory Manager - TRTG, Total)
  • Leticia Ligiero (MS Laboratory Manager - PERL, Total)
  • Carlos Afonso (Professor, Rouen Normandy University)
  • Germain Vallverdu (Assistant Professor, UPPA)
  • Martha Chacon-Patiño (Faculty researcher, FSU-MagLab)


  • IPREM, UMR 5254, Pau, France
  • Total EP, PERL, Lacq, France
  • COBRA, UMR 6014, Mont Saint-Aignan, France