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Administrative contacts

Mailing adress:


Technopôle Helioparc

2 avenue Pierre Angot

64053 Pau Cedex 9



Opening hours : 8h30-12h00 / 13h30-17h00

Phone: 00 33 (0)5 40 17 50 00

E-mail (contact-iprem @


Head of research unit:

Director : Ryszard Lobinski (ryszard.lobinski @

Deputy director : Billon Laurent (laurent.billon @





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Junior chairs

    • AWESOMEManufacturing of new generation sustainable and thermoplastic composites

      The activities of the Chair lead by Anais Barasinski, are based on modelling, engineering, simulation and data analysis, to face an advanced and smart applications that focuses on better exploiting the possibilities offered by composite materials and, in this sense, breaking with what is currently being produced.

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    • BOISBiobased Materials

      The main mission of Eduardo Robles' BOIS Chair is to promote the use of biomass from forestry and agricultural activities in the Landes region.

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Senior chairs

    • ECOTOXEcotoxicology of chemical contaminants in inland waters in the context of global change

      The Ecotox Chair held by Séverine Le Faucheur focuses on the development of fundamental knowledge and practical tools to improve the assessment of continental water quality.

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    • MANTAMarine Materials Devolopment of bio-inspired and sustainable (bio)materials to lower the marine environmental impact

      The MANTA Chair, headed by Susana Fernandes, explores marine compounds and materials, with a scientific approach focused on biomimetism, in order to address societal problems related to human health and the degradation of the marine environment.

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Guest chairs

    • Chaire Shih-Yuan LIUDeveloping new energy conversion platforms using boron-nitrogen heterocycles

      Developing new energy conversion platforms using boron-nitrogen heterocycles

      The field of the Shih-Yuan LIU Chair is that of synthetic chemistry, and more specifically the development of molecules of major importance for biomedical research and materials science.

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    • InterMat chairInterface Matters in Solution Processed Inorganic Organic Thin Film Solar Cells for Bio-inspired Solar Fuels Generation

      The InterMat chair, lead by Emilio Palomares, aims to approach perovskite solar cells and novel catalysts to their use in CO2 conversion photo-electrocatalytic systems to mimic photosynthesis.

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Thematic hubs

    • MESMICAn integrated approach to unravel metal ion interactions with microbial ecosystems at the molecular, cellular and community levels

      The MeSMic Hub aims at developing a holistic approach to extend our understanding of the role and fate of metals in microbial ecosystems and to link systematically the genomes of microorganisms with the chelators produced.

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    • RAISE 2024hub solid state batteries

      The RAISE2024 HUB's ambition is to achieve, by 2024, a prototype operating in a representative environment and corresponding to a technological maturity of level 6 on the TRL (technology readiness level) scale.

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Common labs

    • C2MC

      C2MC is a joint laboratory created in 2014 on the basis of two analytical groups from the universities of Pau and Rouen and a part of the analytical department from the research direction of TOTAL Refining...

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    • LERAMLaboratory for the Study of Rheology and the Adhesion of Medical Adhesives

      IPREM and the pharmaceutical URGO have joined forces to create LERAM, a common laboratory designed to create innovative products in the area of medical adhesives.

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