Scientific Challenges and Seed Funding

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Technopôle Helioparc

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Director : Ryszard Lobinski (ryszard.lobinski @

Deputy director : Billon Laurent (laurent.billon @





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Scientific Challenges

The objective of the exploratory projects is to allow the emergence of innovative subjects and to reduce technological barriers, in the fields of the environment, energy and associated societal issues (E2S UPPA project).

Teams of 3 to 4 scientists are invited to propose innovative research, new or disruptive topics, to lift identified technological barriers, but also to promote interdisciplinarity and dissemination of information.

    • Captain Ad Hoc: Sensor for in situ analysis of emerging pollutantsCAPTeur pour l’Analyse IN situ des polluants émergents

      The CAPTAIN Ad Hoc project aims to develop innovative methods, based on the development of specific sensors, to detect emerging pollutants (pesticide and drug residues) frequently encountered in aquatic environments.

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    • Go Beam: Go inside a Bacterial cell methylating Mercury

      The Go Beam project aims to characterize mercury methylation at the cellular level, from recognition to export.

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    • MAyDAY: MArine sorbed Debris AnalYsisMarine Pollution Monitoring

      MayDay is an exploratory project to study the detection and behavior of nanoplastics, the most worrisome class of plastic debris in the marine environment.

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    • Micropolit: Studying “Emerging” Micropollutants in aquatic ecosystemsMultidisciplinary approaches to improve river and seashore water quality

      Clearly identifying “emerging” contaminants in estuarine and coastal areas, assessing their origin, predicting their evolution and reducing their effects: these are the scientific barriers the Micropolit research project wishes to lift.

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Seed Funding

The Seed Funding call for projects aims at promoting emerging industrial partnerships within the E2S UPPA consortium, by supporting intermediate scale projects (typically doctoral or post-doctoral projects), to favor initiative, risk taking and innovative research.

Breakthrough topics and new partnerships, over a short duration, are the core of this call for projects to promote dynamic research partnerships.