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    • AP2S - Summer SchoolArtificial Photosynthesis

      Les projets eSCALED, Intermat et EnSuITE, qui abordent la photosynthèse artificielle par des approches différentes, organisent l'école d'automne AP2S du 20 au 23 octobre 2021 à Anglet.

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    • LGMed

      POCTEFA - Projet Interreg
      01/11/2019 - 31/05/2022

      Responsable scientifique IPREM
      Ahmed ALLAL (IREM)

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Technopôle Helioparc
2 avenue P. Angot
64053 Pau Cedex 9

* pour connaître les autres adresses,
rendez-vous à la page "Localisation"


8h30-12h00 / 13h30-17h00
Tél : 05 40 17 50 00
Nous écrire (contact-iprem @ univ-pau.fr)

Direction de l'unité

Directeur : Ryszard Lobinski (ryszard.lobinski @ univ-pau.fr)
Directeur adjoint :  Laurent Billon (laurent.billon @ univ-pau.fr)

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C2MC is a joint laboratory created in 2014 on the basis of two analytical groups from the universities of Pau and Rouen and a part of the analytical department from the research direction of TOTAL Refining and Chemical.

The addition of skills and synergies arising from these three groups is already generating a creative ambiance in cutting-edge research into the molecular characterization of complex matrices such as petroleum and polymers.


  • Contacts :   Brice Bouyssiere (brice.bouyssiere @ univ-pau.fr) ; Pierre Gusti ; Carlos Afonso



The C2MC joint lab is organizing the PetroPhase 2017 conference. The conference will take place in the city of Le Havre in Normandy from the 11 till the 15 of june.



The lab is is equiped with high end mass spectrometrers and chromatographic systems Including:

  • An ion mobility – mass spectrometer (Waters,Synapt G2) equipped with most available atmospheric pressure ion source

This instrument affords a bidimensional separation based on m/z with a high resolution time of flight analyzer and based and size and shape with the ion mobility cell.

DSC_4857 Graph1.4ter

  • A Gas chromatography – time of flight mass spectrometer