Key figures


Coordinator : Hervé Martinez

  • 17 permanent employees
  • 6 PhD
  • 20 post doctoral fellows
  • 13 technicians

Key dates

  • Kick off : 2019
  • Duration : 5 years

Global budget

  • 5,6 M€

Financial contribution / year

RAISE 2024hub solid state batteries

The Raise2024 HUB, launched in 2019 as part of the E2S UPPA (Energy environment solutions) project, aims to develop new advanced battery systems using solid electrolyte technology for the electric vehicle (car, light aircraft, etc.) and renewable energy storage sectors.

The Raise2024 project was built around the collaboration between 3 academic laboratories IPREM (UPPA-CNRS), the D-MEX X-ray imaging centre (UPPA-CNRS), Pau Droit Public (UPPA) and 2 major international groups Arkema and SAFT.

By backing a joint laboratory (Lab-Com ANR) with an operational research center for electrochemical energy storage in the New Aquitaine region, the HUB's ambition is to achieve, by 2024, a prototype operating in a representative environment and corresponding to a technological maturity of level 6 on the TRL (technology readiness level) scale.


The HUB is coordinated by Hervé Martinez (herve.martinez @ univ-pau.fr), professor at the University of Pau and the Pays de l'Adour. His research focuses on materials for specific applications such as improving the performance of electrochemical energy storage in Li-ion batteries.