Physico-chemistry of surfaces and polymer materials

Cluster leaders

  • Rémi DEDRYVERE  (remi.dedryvere @
  • Stéphanie Reynaud (stephanie.reynaud @



Technopôle Helioparc
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64053 Pau Cedex 9

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Head of research unit:

Director : Jean-Marc Sotiropoulos (ryszard.lobinski @
Assistant directors : Cécile Courrèges and Christine Lartigau-Dagron



PCMPhysico-chemistry of surfaces and polymer materials


  1. Scientific skills
  2. Research areas
      1. Materials for storage and energy conversion
      2. Materials and sustainability
      3. Functional materials
  3. Members
  4. Structuring projects
      1. Materials for storage and energy conversion
      2. Materials and sustainability
      3. Functional materials
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Scientific skills



Research areas

Materials for storage and energy conversion
  • Surfaces and interfaces of electrode materials and electrolytes: batteries and supercapacitors
  • Semiconductor organic materials: organic photovoltaics, NIR detectors, artificial photosynthesis, bioelectronics
Materials and sustainability
  • Bio-sourced Materials: Forest resources, polysaccharides, biosurfactants, biomonomers
  • Materials and Environnemental Impact
  • Photoactive Materials
Functional materials
  • (Hierarchically) structured materials
  • Polymers at interfaces: modelling polymer brushes



Structuring projects

Materials for storage and energy conversion
  • H2020 projects: HELis (Li-S batteries ), eSCALED (imitate photosynthesis)
  • E2S-UPPA project : IXIA platform (tomography x-ray imaging, ionic probe, laser ablation)
  • ANR projects: DEOSS (organic battery), DeLi-RedOx (electrode materials), TAPIR (IR photodetector)
  • Aquitaine project: TAMANOIR
Materials and sustainability
  • 3 E2S-UPPA projects: Chair of excellence MANTA (Marine materials), Challenge MAyDay (Pre-maturation), Mécapeau (impact of pollutants on skin)
  • 2 ANR projects:
    • Picposs: Continuous-flow integrated processes for photo-oxygenations with solid-supported sensitizers for the safe and sustainable production of fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals)
    • Funpolysurf: Design of advanced structured functional polymer surfaces from photo-active polymer nanoparicles
  • 3 Aquitaine projects: Biocolpic, Fixpin et Aquitgemme (biobased materials)
Functional materials
  • H2020 projects:
    • 1 RISE project (Research & innovation staff exchange ): polymers for ophtalmology
    • 2 Poctefa projects : FOODYPLAST (food packaging), REVALTPET (recycling),
  • 2 ANR projects: BIOSCA (Bioinspired oleophobic self-cleaning surfaces for automotive indoor environment), MACAOs (Morphological control of self-assembled amphiphilic block copolymers through stimuli)
  • 1 FUI project: MATIMELEC (MATériaux Innovants pour Meuble Electrique)