October 2017

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Administrative contacts

Mailing adress:


Technopôle Helioparc

2 avenue Pierre Angot

64053 Pau Cedex 9



Opening hours : 8h30-12h00 / 13h30-17h00

Phone: 00 33 (0)5 40 17 50 00

E-mail (contact-iprem @ univ-pau.fr)


Head of research unit:

Director : Ryszard Lobinski (ryszard.lobinski @ univ-pau.fr)

Deputy director : Billon Laurent (laurent.billon @ univ-pau.fr)





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Karin Kleiner

A New Perspective on the Electronic Structure of Layered Oxides and Structurally-related Materials - Soft X-ray absorption spectroscopy studies

Pr. Clotilde Policarprofesseur à l'ENS et directrice scientifique adjointe à l'INC

Mn-based antioxidants as SOD-mimics and Mn(CO) as multimodal probes for IR, fluorescence and X-fluorescence imaging

Pr. Piotr KaszynskiMiddle Tennessee State University

A recently discovered method for selective activation of the B–H bonds in closo-borates towards nucleophilic substitution through aryliodonium zwitterions[1] has opened up a convenient access to a large variety of polar and ionic self-organizing materials.[2] Such zwitterions are easily obtained from closo-borates and ArI(OAc)2 and undergo facile reactions with nucleophiles according to the 10-I-3 or 9-I-2 mechanism. Appropriate derivatization of the resulting functionalized closo-borates leads to polar or ionic liquid crystals. The former are pyridinium, sulfonium, or quinuclidinium zwitterionic derivatives I and II, and are of interest as high dielectric anisotropy (Δε) additives to materials for LCD applications.[3] Ionic liquid crystals (ILC) are being developed as anisotropic ion conductors (electrolytes) for battery applications.