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    • Soutenance de thèse - Jef CANALS-RICLOTSVendredi 06 décembre 2022, 13h - AMphi IPREM

      Sujet de thèse : "Etude des interfaces électrode/électrolyte dans des batteries au lithium organiques "tout solide""

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Séminaires - Prof. Márcia Foster Mesko & Prof. Rochele Sogari Picoloto Mardi 14 janvier 2020, 12h - Amphi IPREM

Professor Márcia Foster Mesko
(Federal University of Pelotas)

"Sample Preparation Based on Combustion Reaction for Trace Element Determination"


Márcia Foster Mesko concluded her PhD in Chemistry at Federal University of Santa Maria, Brazil, in 2008, and is Associated Professor at Federal University of Pelotas (UFPel)/Brazil (since 2009). Currently, she is the Director of Analytical Chemistry Division of Brazilian Chemical Society (SBQ), Coordinator of Chemistry Committee at Foundation for Supporting Research of Rio Grande do Sul state/Brazil (FAPERGS), and coordinator of the Biochemistry and Bioprospecting Postgraduate Program at UFPel. She is a member of the Advisory Board of Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry (JAAS). She has supervised 4 PhD students and has published more than 90 peer reviewed international papers, patents and book chapters in these fields. She received several awards, including the “For Woman in Science” from L’Oréal Brazil - Brazilian Academy of Science and UNESCO, and “2018 JAAS Emerging Investigator Lectureship” from Royal Society of Chemistry. In 2019, she was awarded from IUPAC to represent “Bromine” in the “Periodic Table of Younger Chemists” for the celebration of IUPAC100 and the International Year of Periodic Table. Recently, she was elected as affiliate member of the Brazilian Academy of Science - Chemistry Sciences (2020-2024).

Professor Rochele Sogari Picoloto
(Federal University of Santa Maria)

"Microwave-Assisted Wet Digestion using Diluted Acids: New Advances and Challenges"

Rochele Sogari Picoloto graduated in Environmental Chemistry in 2008 at the Catholic University of Pelotas and obtained her PhD in Analytical Chemistry by Federal University of Santa Maria, in 2014. Rochele is Adjunct Professor at Federal University of Santa Maria, Santa Maria, Brazil, since 2015. her research areas include sample preparation methods for metals and non-metals determination by plasma-based techniques in petrochemical, pharmaceutical, biological, and botanical samples. She has published more than 35 international papers, patents and book chapters.