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Technopôle Helioparc
2 avenue P. Angot
64053 Pau Cedex 9

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8h30-12h00 / 13h30-17h00
Tél : 05 40 17 50 00
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Direction de l'unité

Directeur : Ryszard Lobinski (ryszard.lobinski @ univ-pau.fr)
Directeur adjoint :  Laurent Billon (laurent.billon @ univ-pau.fr)

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Séminaire - Dr. Solange MASSAJeudi 13 septembre 2018, 16h45 - Amphi IPREM


Pôle PCM #Physico-Chimie des Matériaux

Dr. Solange MASSA (Stanford University)

Dr. Solange Massa is a medical doctor and scientist developing biomaterials and drug delivery systems at Stanford University. She is the project leader at the Otoinnovation Lab and a Postdoctoral Research Fellow for the Santa Maria Lab, both at Stanford. She is a TEDx speaker, won the MIT Innovator under 35 price in 2016 and was named Women at the Frontier in 2017. Before joining Stanford, she attended Singularity University fully sponsored by Google and did her PhD work at Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology. She is invited by Prof. Laurent BILLON in the framework of a Standford Univ-UPPA project : Development of mucoadhesive systems for drug delivery in oral mucositis.

In this talk, she will be discussing: Oragns-on-a-Chip, a project developed at Harvard University under the sponsorship of the department of defense. Organs-on-a-Chip are three dimensional in vitro drug testing platforms the aim to reduce the use of animal models in experimentations and decrease the cost of the drug discovery process. Her award-winning platforms consisted in developing a vascular, liver and cardicac Organs-on-a-Chip platforms for drug toxicity testing. Her work has been featured in  MIT Technology Review, BBC, Wired and numerous scientific journals.