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    • Séminaire - Caroline TokarskiVendredi 22 mars 2019, 11h30 - Amphi IPREM

      Caroline Tokarski (Université de Bordeaux)
      Titre: "Chemistry and high resolution sass spectrometry applied to cultural heritage natural organic polymers"

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Séminaire - Prof. Vladimir E. Yudin Jeudi 20 avril 2017, 11h - Amphi IPREM


Prof. Vladimir E. Yudin

Institute of Macromolecular Compounds Russian Academy of Sciences, Saint-Petersburg, V.O. Bolshoy prospect, 31/ Internet: www.macro.ru

e-mail: yudin @ hq.macro.ru

Titre: "Processing, Structure and Properties of Polymer Fibers, Modified by Nanoparticles"

The lecture will discuss various ways of processing of polymers fibers: wet spinning, melt extrusion and electrospinning. The method of fibers processing depends on the chemical and supramolecular polymer structures, as well as the structure and shape of nanoparticles used for polymer modification. It will be shown that modification of the polymers by small amounts of nanoparticles can improve not only their mechanical properties, but also some other physical properties including electrical conductivity, moisture resistance, etc. In particular, the application of nanoparticles for control of mechanical properties and bio-resorption of polymer nanofibers makes the behavior of such polymer matrices more operated and predictable that is important for such new direction of biomedicine as tissue engineering.